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World cup football tickets

Have you ever wondered what world cup football tickets are? Well interestingly enough world cup football tickets are tickets to the world cup (world cup football tournament that is). If you have never heard of the World cup, never thought about football tickets or just generally need a fresh objective on world cup tickets then my mates over at the aptly named world cup football tickets will certainly see you right.

From Myths of the Self-Taught Designer

psdevil“I possess the artistic impulse, which depends, first, on a capacity to destroy and, second, on a desire to create. To create is to exercise power over oneself and over one’s environment. I wish to leave evidence that I existed, that I affected the world in some way. Even a doodle says, “I was,” and, “I made this.” You can choose to be a doctor, but you can’t choose to want to be a doctor. I could be a doctor and help people, but I would be miserable. I want to make things. I want the power to destroy and to create. I’m the Devil.”

from: Myths of the Self-Taught Designer: The First Conversation between Ego and the Devil

The wiggiest movie ever made.

I just watched a crappy little British flick called Rise of the Footsoldier. Imagine Goodfellas with an East London accent. And bad acting. And bad production. And WIGS! Lots and lots of wigs. Bad wigs. I admit that I chose this movie based only on the poster. It’s a very thin story about some wannabe criminal who goes from being a football hooligan to nasty-tempered doorman to king of the underworld. Well not quite. I don’t think he made it all the way to the top. Actually, I’m not sure what happened in the end. I was too distracted by all the bad hairpieces. Instead of wasting your time reviewing a movie that I didn’t like and barely remember, let’s just have a look at the wigs in all their fuzzy glory…

Yes, all of these wigs starred in the same movie! Here is a selection of comments from IMDB:

“Stupid movie for the really dumb”

“OMG …what a horrible horrible movie …”

“It gave me nightmares”

“The most unpleasant 114 mins of my life”

and my personal favo(u)rite:

“If you like wigs…you’ll LOVE this movie”

Nuff said.




To all the geeks out there, I would like to officially announce that as of today (Jan 28, 2009) I am try to rank for the term JP, eventually becoming #1 in Google. Why JP? Why not. It’s not difficult to hold the #1 spot for “john pash“. I don’t think there is much competition there. But for JP I’ll be competition with JP Morgan and the entire country for Japan. You might have heard of them. So to kick off this useless test of nerdy nonsense… JP JP JP JP JP JP JP JP JP JP JP JP JP JP JP JP and JP